Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finally Potty Trained!!!

Well it's been almost five months since my last post about potty training. It has been the longest most agonizing five months ever. BUT, I have great news. It has been a little shy of two weeks and YES! He is potty trained. Please don't ask me what I did, But I will tell you what I remember...

It was a Friday night and I was at me wits-end. He had gone under the dining room table for the last time... I immediately picked him up and ran up the stairs to the bathroom and gently sat him on the toilet (HUH well maybe not so gently) But anyway, he's now on the toilet looking up at me and not muttering a word. I too am quiet as a church mouse, but it was the look on my face that he saw and knew "Mommy means business" I then turned and exited the bathroom. The stench of the poop followed me into the hall. I turned around and went back into the bathroom, where my little guy sat. I washed out the soiled underwear and vowed this will be the last time. I looked down at my beautiful son and said "I'm DONE! This is over" He repeated what I said. And then I walked out. I sat on the edge of his bed and tears began to roll down my face, I cried out to God " Lord I Give it to you, I am tired and weary and don't know what else to do BUT to give it to my FATHER, In the name of Jesus.

I got up with a heavy peace, wiped my face and went back into the bathroom, I asked my son was he finished. He said "No Mommy" I said okay well I will be right here with you let me know when your done. He said "Okay". I walked out to do something, and I heard a Yell "MOMMY I'M POOPING" I ran in to see and we shouted and danced, HE HAD POOPED!!! I said that wasn't scary now was it... "NO MOMMY" I said that didn't hurt now did it? "NO MOMMY" I said I'm soo sooo Proud of YOU! I quietly thanked GOD! and it's been two weeks. The Power of Prayer!!!

When you feel that you can't go on anymore, don't give up take a little time to pray and see what happens.

Trey will finally start school in a couple of weeks. Woo Hoo!!!

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