Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday

Today I sit here thinking... WOW! my little guy is turning 4 in just 4 more days. Time waits on no one. He's so brilliant the way that he articulates his big words and explains himself.

So Aut and I are planning a 4th Birthday party and to no surprise It's a Thomas the Tank theme and boy is Trey excited. Little Man Trey lives for his trains if he could sleep with them he would, but being that he sleeps with me half the time and I don't like rolling over metal trains I never allow it. I think that we finally have found what will get him to use the potty ~ More TRAINS!!! For each time that he goes to the bathroom it works toward a new train. He has already managed to get Emily and is working on "Duck" I the train connoisseur that I am unfortunately don't recognize Duck... But I'm sure my little guy will take me to the toy store and point it out without hesitation. Stay tuned to see if he gets DUCK in the upcoming weeks.

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